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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the freshly-squeezed juice of the olive fruit. It must be totally unprocessed and kept below 75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times during the mechanical extraction process. For an oil to be labeled extra virgin, it must meet strict chemical criteria as defined by the International Olive Oil Council and adopted by the European Union and USDA, but must also have perfect flavor and aroma as determined by a certified tasting panel.



In addition to being a great natural sweetener, honey has a multitude of benefits that many people don’t know about.  Honey has been proven to be a natural throat soother or a natural energy booster; because of its unique blend of natural sweeteners gives it the ability to provide quick energy in any circumstance. 


Olive Oils

The olive fruit has been an important cooking ingredient from the Ancient years. It not only adds a delicious flavor to foods, but it also assists health and body treatment as it is full of vitamins



A few perfectly designed accessories to conveniently dispense, serve and/or use your Olive Tap Oil. 


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